The Marine Rapper


The Marine Rapper served 10 years as a war reporter with infantry battalions during his deployments to Iraq and then Afghanistan. He earned a combat action ribbon in Iraq and an award for combat photography during the same firefight. 

In 2020, The Marine Rapper executive produced and performed on the World War Cypher, released Long Play albums: NighTMRica, HearTMRica, Space Force albums: Rocket Science, Jingle Bell Rap, numerous singles, and collaborations that are all available now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music and Spotify.   

TMR has been featured on: CBS Radio, Apple Music, Verizon, Vet Pivot, To The Point, We Are The Mighty, and Range 15 Movie Soundtrack. The Marine Rapper has performed at the House of Blues Vegas and hosted numerous live shows nationwide.  

The Marine Rapper music recounts his military service, which can be sometimes humorous, over Heavy Metal, Hip-Hop, and trap production. TMR strives to motivate others, start conversation and immortalize his fallen brothers and sisters in music.  

TMR also successfully crowdfunded an all-military compilation album Sounds Like Freedom Vol. 1 via Kickstarter. The full-length album was produced by Killavic, Double Tap, Brian Spencer, executive produced by The Marine Rapper, D.Cure, Topher & created by about two dozen other veterans. 

The Marine Rapper is the CEO of Military Musician platform and owner of Ninja Punch Music. He now the host of Military's Got Talent.

Photo by us marine veteran bryan wark

Photo by us marine veteran bryan wark