1. Holy War

From the recording The Marine Rapper - Holy War

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Every frame I need to walk left to right


Flak with red hoodie , grey joggers, rwb bandana
All white with flag jacket, boots, white shoes, white bandana
Black pants, black shirt, boots, white shoes, rwb bandana

Seattle public library
Church, cross
Target , ammo shop
basement , garage
liquor store

College scene

Nobody knows what to do with themselves
I’m black, conservative, rap and I think for myself
No draft, but served for my land, educated myself
And got diplomas and plaques, three degrees on the shelf


Sorry I’m not sorry momma taught me to be civil
Sorry I’m not sorry I made better life decisions
Sorry I’m not sorry I don’t fit in with your stigma
And I'm sorry I’m not sorry ain’t another house ______.

Government building

And you can’t say I’m racist or hateful on skin pigment
No white supremacist, discriminate, or a bigot
I can blame the system, for instance, and yell victim
For all my situations, I guess that’s my black privilege

Flag scene

And I can gather patriots, trumpers and all the Christians
Diss Lil' Nas, my people will surely listen
They don’t Like Nike, with satan all in the stitching
He’s kicking up all that mischief, on youtube to all your children

Surplus/ Walmart

Sew Lil' Nas X
TMR, what about the Barbs?
I’m a G.I. Joe, went to war, got the battle scars

I just hope you know that, if you go dissing their homie
They’ll tell you to go control what
Your children watch in the home and
On top of that, say you hating, they’ll say that you’re homophobic

Target/ ammo shop

His dating live ain't my focus, this Holy War what I'm joining
They cancelling all the truth and targeting all your youth
Battle for the soul , sew sneakers I made me some too