Special thanks to Shaggy!

In Order of Appearance:

Ikan Dakai: @ikandakai
King Moe: @kingmoenc
Dré Benjie: @whois_229benjie
B.Y.G: @byg803
The MSB: @msb_music
Nvy Jonez Lkr: @nvyjonezlkr
Anna Oakley: @themothermc
D.Cure: @andrewraps
The Marine Rapper: @themarinerapper


Executive Producer: The Marine Rapper
Producer: Samad Savage
Co- Producers: The Marine Rapper, Scru Face Jean
Video Editor: The Marine Rapper
Grammy Award-Winning Engineer: Dacota G
Label: Ninja Punch Music
Platform: Military Musician


World War Cypher

Shaggy INTRO

The Marine Rapper wants to let the world to know
That he and his group of Military Musicians are here to destroy the competition
They're bringing the battlefield to the booth
Real veterans, real music only
This is the World War Cypher
You get that?

Ikan Dakai

Ding ding im in the ring, no guarantee im gonna fight fair
Mike tyson right here, drop bars bite ears
Bwoy simma mi out ya hungry operating pon a light dinner
Looking for trouble might go nether realm and fight shinnock
Marine rapper tell me guh fi di chopper
Di chopper
Mek dem bawl fi dem mamma and papa
Hold up, hold up, hold up
Mi have a whole heap a thing fi mention
The way dem move mi nuh trust dem ya know
Watch dem move mi nuh trust dem ya know?
The one you put yo faith in
Setup the first girl wah date him
When a pussy diss and skull fi crush a me first orchestrate it
Now a death dem instigating
Success got niggas hating
Instead a motivate
Dem fantasize bout strangulating
Coordinating with the feds fi mi fail
End up in jail without bail
Now light it up the malatov cocktail. Suh now me watch dem through binoculars
Watch dem from ma pinnacle
Monitor mi vernacular
Measure dem wid mi caliper
Snakes, what type the rattler
Chase you if you popular
Snakes what type the rattler chase you if you popular
Snakes what type the rattler dem chase you if you popular
But if tou fail dem gone
Dem on and off den on!

King Moe

Bad Yellow thang phatty
Poking out her Daisy dukes
Make me want to go and
Break her down like an 8th of Glue
Visions of copping a hell cat
Yea the Saber Tooth
Do it for soldiers in heaven
Whom wasn't able to
If my brother Gustin was here
He'd probably be faded fool
If my brother Jamie was here he'd probably be faded too
King Fu grip on this weapon
Sipping that 80 proof
Before you niggas
Make me a veggie
Ill eat a plate of soup
Vagrant teenager grandmama
Look what they made me do
Swipe a zip from under they nose
That's why I'm late to school
Eyes devil red but my clothes
Carolina baby blue
Had the locker smelling
Like teen spirit in 92
Phone blinging as I
Dash through the night
I know it cost to be this raw
But may I ask you the price ?
Raw sin is just the
Passion of Christ baby
And darkness is just the
Absence of light baby

Dré Benjie

Where I'm from it's either trap or it ain't trap
But if it ain't trap, it's pro sports or rap
No disrespect.. but you ain't real, it's best you stand back
This hardship I carry when I up it make a big splash
I'm not tryna be the best, but that's just what I do
I talk and notes fly in the air.. They say I got the tunes
She look at me and see a diamond like it's a cartoon
Now my stock been going up.. from the beats that I'm strewn
These rappers cap and I got a passion for pleasing
So every pap I hit got unrequited love & then leave me
Got message from the past me, he told me, watch out for the snake a keep the grass green
Cut it every last week cuz
They tried plot, sent a thot, almost got me popped
I had to learn from BYG gotta shelter my heart
I used to stress over women and what's done in the dark
But I flipped the switch, switched the script and gotta better part..


Feel my presence
The pressure risen this Hell’s Kitchen
Verbal addiction to contradicting what I was given
Masked sinning with liquor, molly and bad women
Good intentions that fell short this hells court
The 2020 I’m visioning like a crash course
This the future then Idk what to ask for
I’m just ah 803 baby, baby forever that!
So Carolina you prolly hear it in every rap..
Not the north, ah southerner til they burry me...
Doctor this music like respirators and IVs
Bet You Guessing no questioning this is BYG
So keep ya distance I’ll be this way til I’m 6ft
Never influenced by movements of what the cultures doing
If it ain’t congruent wit my dreams I can’t get into it
Only time they down with you is if they feel you up ..
Can't pour into your dreams but will surely sip the cup


100 bands just to crash in it
That’s how I’m feelin when I’m passionate
89 to the present put a dash in it
I come fully loaded with the brass in it
I been gully since Gullah Gullah
I hit them they don’t recover
I spit it but never stutter
This is my bread and butter
I’m off of that buddy buddy
I’m stickin to brother brother
I stick with who really with me
I’m talkin since gutta gutta
Wifey been in the trenches
I guess I’m a lover lover
She need it I got it covered
What else for my baby mother
Let one of these niggas touch her
I’m on them like Danny Glover
Like quick with the lethal weapon
Won’t ever see mr jetson
Your future cut short for steppin
Protecting my soul connection
But Don’t get the wrong impression
Cuz I’m still chilly with it
Militant so i milly with it
Bad boy like I’m biggie with it
Bad boy like I’m will and I’m jiggy it
No filter but I’m pretty with it
I cut deep ain’t no pity with it
Ain’t no joke but I get silly with it
I ain’t got time to take it easy I get busy with it


You know my rapport
Murderous intent when I hear a beat
Who keeping score
Forty-five or twenty two
Depending on my mood to shoot
So I gotta be direct
All about respect
And those that I’m sworn to protect
See you can’t guard me
Game like Kazam in 93
Full of that blue Magic
Shock em all like static
Spin outta control you still might get a ring
Spins outa control my publishing getting bling
Welcome to the jungle
Never fear the rumble
We refuse to struggle
Double stacking all the bundles we refuse to crumble
Tired of all these riffs raffs wit they riff raff
Don’t know shit about a good stance for that kick back
Hottest on any track
That’s my deadly sin
Word to Escanor
Seven figure lifestyle and we blessed for more
They say I’m too arrogant
I say you ignorant to my confidence
I know I’m it
Or maybe just a wrinkle in time
But I’m still divine


Hi there perfect timing
Im violent when I get to rhyming
Im that pasty motherfucker that burns in the ultraviolet Yeah im factor 50
Acting shifty like im in ya flat to occupy it
Independent soldier, the truth? I come to colonise it
Cos I roll with the vets, posing a threat
Socially inept, from moments of death
Show some respect if we only just met
You don't want me like a whole in ya head
When I loosen the grip, I shoot from the hips
I aim that spit and let loose with the lips
Im brutal as shit, the truth of it is
You gotta see me, para..shooting and shit ayeeee
I rep these British terrains, in a set of different camos
Where all it does is just rain, when we go and stack them ammos
With the maroon beret, and the pegasus running up the flagpole
Dropping these shells on the target, to stop the broken arrows

Anna Oakley

AO Worldwide Cypher Lyrics
Mother MC
You can look
But you ain't
Gon find
Nobody flyer than me
Ain't Nobody higher than me
Mama high yes indeed
Nikki taught me
Went and got me a LLC
I ain't packed for 2020 Dog
Cause this shit been a trip
People getting sick and shit
The whole economy just flipped
The enemy is closing in
The Opps are killing off our men
So here's your mission
Pay attention
Make the opposition listen
Tell em...mama said knock you out!
You tell the devil
Mama said to pop you in your lying ass mouth
Better cut the shit cause you can get
Something worth crying about
Brought you into this world
Now I gotta take your ass out!
Caught my ex creeping on the counter
Mama not the one
I got the gun
I'm letting rounds off...Bang!
Got so damn good at rappin
Now I guess I gotta sing
We Gang Gang gang gang


The lumberjack returns chopping for better scenes
Now on paper asking if what I get is evergreen
Told em I been Unseen back when I met Marine
Freedom is an incoming call... let it ring
I got you, read you, but I’m hard to reach like Machu Picchu
Shocking you better believe it and yet to evolve it’s like I’m Pichu
Finally they put him on the internet well gotta be true
You oughta know by the message inside of me like I’m R2D2
Only hope, never gonna reach you rhetoric been see through let a veteran teach you
3-headed beast how we ever gonna meet you find out what it leads to
No carrot all like beef stew oh these few? Who unleashed you? Foul like Artemis
Pardon miss you want no part in this am I that hard to miss?
The way I feel a beat I’m wondering who’s heart is this?
Looking like a farmer gotta be how we market this
And they expect more but I don’t know what my Target is
And I’m marvelous with the artfulness support em for the shot like a harquebus

The Marine Rapper

Look at me, I am the captain now
I know what all of your raps about
Fictional, characters, y’all is embarrassing
Everyone nothing but actors now
I was overseas with gats around
All my enemies I gave ‘em pound
‘Cause they won’t ever just gun me down
Everybody hit the floor

Everyone back, The, Rapping Marine
And Shaggy da best that there is
Just how it be, Sting, No need to act
You punks are not next to my pen
I’m a grenade, ewe, call me the GOAT
Fire whenever I spit
Whenever I wrap it’s
Bar-bie-Q, taking out all of your kin/

I’m that action figure left my mommas and went cross planet
Shot cannons, bombs blasting, thought I’d never leave
There was no flower, for my momma seed, beat the reaper, I got Savage
Bred in battle, sow glad to, bag up, all you non- rappers

I promised that on tour, had the heat, before I had a fan
Wasn’t shady, but my lady called me an Afghanistan
After Iraq, did it for my daughter, Sending money back
No return, never had my mind in coming back


Never, Never
No return, Never had my mind in coming back
Never, Never
Veterans needing something
No return, Never had my mind in coming back

Now that I think about it, I got nothing but scoffs
Nothing but doubters, they said rapping, wouldn’t get me this far
Look at what happened? Went from the battle to internet star
Known for the wrapping, and a flag jacket, I bend about bars


Ya'll talk about things that, you never did, I talk about things I really live
Emcee and Marine I really is, explosion in Iraq but I lived
Then I came back so I could tell you this, nobody taking what’s mine
I’m a time bomb, y’all tock, I’m really ticked, dynomite, y’all know, what time it is

Car bombs and the shots snapping, hate frauds with a true passion
Reason Marine’s here, I do this for my troops passing
Tracers let you have it, Drew guns, erase Hazards
Walked in the blew print, then came back to Just to draft this

Battlefield of dreams, called the team, so we all collect
Used a dirty rode to pave the way for my combat vets
Who lack a place for living, need some comfort, ain’t in houses yet
We got some soldiers missing, need some justice, we ain’t found it yet

And there’s suicide, taking lives, of our servicemen
We need to pull up, push ups, ain’t gon stop they deaths
Jim don’t gotta die man, gotta get that off my chest
Dropping truth bombs cause these issues are our biggest threat

So I made this for, all of my troops, veterans needing something
Military Musician the team, all of us help construct this
World War Cypher, bringing the heat, enemies self-destructing
Diddy made the band, and the Marine, made the band of brothers